Regal on Roe Seafood Restaurant

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seafoodonroe  073As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, Sunday will herald in a new week.

Do you spend the infancy of that new week within the confines of a starchy tablecloth, steamy-sweet bamboo dampness and bellowing staff?

Sure, Yum cha it is.

I’ve been to Seafood on Roe a couple of times now and I’ve been dutifully impressed. On the occasions the service has been disparagingly attentive in that inimitable Asian style of efficiency, stalwartness and eat, eat, eat!

And you won’t have any problems in doing so.

I can champion their salt-and-pepper squid within the enth degree of precision. Charry fried chilli and garlic carelessly tossed of crispy delicately spiced squid is shocking in the simplicity and lure.

seafoodonroe  074The char siu bao are cumulusly fluffy and sweet lardy-pork filling is the heart of the delivery. There is some lag between ordering off the menu, and being offered the same dish 4 times is disruptingly vacuous of staff (though no unusual for yum cha).

I’d say the value for money factor on the usual dishes is very reasonable (by Perth’s extortive standards), and the consistent quality of dishes backs up the procession of patrons.

Staff eager to have you eat until something gives way and collapses under delight. 

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