Rose and Crown Hotel

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roseandcrown  083Functioning as a hotel as well as an established eatery, the rose and crown could hardly be seen as a new find. Certainly, if you were around in 1841 you could claim this to be a venue wroth trying. One hundred and seventy one years later the hotel, with its apparently haunted interior still host to all manner of clientele (living and undead).

The torrid summers that bake Guildford and the Swan Valley are enough to keep the heat delicate away for 6 months of the year. When winter draws chill over, the area flushes with green and the fold of the Darling Scarp creates an hard silhouette of being somewhere other than WA.

Rose and Crown is a place I’ve always associated with the cold and winter. The colonial style building with mother country style touches, the homely fireplaces and ales on tap congruently slide together when the mercury drops and wind picks up.

roseandcrown  084Dining there is more about the ambience than the gastropub food. While the menu is satisfying don’t go looking for food items that wouldn’t sit outside the heritage of the building. Pub classics like fish and chips, bangers and mash, beef and Guinness pie. If you stubbornly stick to these, chances are you’re not going to blunder.

roseandcrown  082I’ve had bangers and mash there several times. A pork and leek version served with bubble and squeak was truly one of the most magnificently simple stodgy meals I’ve had (this was on the main winter menu—not pub classics menu). The roast beef jus used to baste the pork and leek snags brought out the pan fried cabbagey–potatoey vegetal starch of the squeak.

There are three dining options, Bar, Posh Convict and 1841. All have differing menus and the winelist branches to all. Tea and coffee’s a competent though if you’re really fussy with the way you like your Java, stick with tea. Prices are what you’d expect to pay in Boomtown, so for East coast preened expectations—dig a little deeper.

Cozy up here in winter.


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