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photo7You can’t get more a drably pedestrian chain of suburbs than the central north burbs of Greenwood, Warwick, Kingsley and Hamersley. Formulaic in the street layout, with small centralised commercial–hospitality precincts hammered in with shopping malls, they are about as uninspiring as the burb that cradles it. Sometimes on the rare occasion you’ll discover an eatery that has plonked its business in one of these places. For those locals who would otherwise travel into the city’s hub for a decent feed, auspiciously inundate them.

Shou Japanese is a strange place to eat. It’s not quite sushi bar nor is it izakaya though the food is izakaya-esque. There are chairs running along the kitchen’s bar with skerrick of room to allow thoroughfare for pick up orders—of which the queue snakes through the restaurant. On the other side of this procession rests tables in sets of 4.

During mid-service the entire place threatens to rupture with people, rice and raw fish.

If the dining experience were enough to turn you off, then you would have missed out big-time. The food is good. Despite the chaotic restlessness on the floor, the real litmus test is that more people pile in. I oped for the moderately priced ($17) Teriyaki Bento Box that was perfect in the array of sashimi, agadashi, rice, miso, salad and of course a generous slab of chicken. Top marks.


Not top marks? At the time of visiting—given how busy the place was—it was clear they needed to get their shit together with a till system. Carbon copies as we found out on the night, don’t always transfer well; they get lost, get tampered with and then you’re left wondering if the last person on the table is getting their meal after all. Asking about the missing meal to the well-intentioned Japanese waitress rendered another order rather than ‘can you follow up our missing meal’. The Aussie teenage counter girl with a quarrelsome temperament, didn’t help by huffing all the way through our enquiry to the yet undelivered missing meal. She’d written the wrong order, but not charged us, then accusatorily smarms, “well obviously you’re the customer. You’re right—I’m wrong”. Honey, get yourself another job, hospitality ain’t for you.

To that end, the meal did come, but so late it was, we took it away. They did give the last meal as a freebie—I should hope so given they effed up.

I’m sure the service was just an aberration. Go there for the food, but don’t expect much else.


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