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If the thought of going for a burger and fries in a moderately fancy bistro in Margaret River is alien then you’re not alone.

These are the best burgers I have tried to date. If there were to be another to come along and knock this off my mental mantelpiece I shall have to change this post. As far as I’m concerned now, this is the Rolls of burgers.

To be fair, I visited Must Margaret River and took these photos almost a year ago (19th March 2011) but for some reason I’d neglected this review. I’m now fantasising about this cardiac stopping burger, and the pyrolised beef fat that gives it its charred and primal allure. Even @misshandmaid's vegetarian tendencies could not vanquish this offer.

IMG 4139For twenty-one Australian dineros you get 30 day-old dry aged Butterfield beef; crisp bacon, gruyere encased in a light white bun*. DIY zucchini pickles are provided on the side to provide those who are averse to pickles something to pick at after finishing the rest. You’ll also get a rich (in fact too rich for me) aioli and just the right amount of Belgium frites.

Flavour wise it really would be hard to beat. Charred pyrolised fat plus charcoal grilled burger patty that is a perfect match with the sharp salty cheese and rich piggy bacon.

It’s all very rich, almost cloyingly so when coupled with the side. When we went back the second time (not in the same trip) I opted for tomato ketchup as the aioli was really the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

*I wonder if the comment I made about using Turkish buns got through? Turkish bread has that springy, elastic quality about the texture, perfect for burgers, as Jus Burgers found out long ago.

Fine white bread is no good under pressure and moisture of the burger’s contents. It otherwise makes for a really gloriously tasty mess.

Shamelessly you’ll lick your fingers with utter delight.

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