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BC1For the Central Metro Tafe students the Bishop & Clove has given them some hope, because Subi Central is just a little too far of a walk and there is really nothing of interest to eat or drink in the vicinity.

Named as it resides on Bishop Street, the Bishop & Clove is a new-space café that like most new buildings of the day—lacks a certain charm.

In design, it’s clean, wall laid out, and the approach is considered, and uses an open counter—with titillating array of glossy and crispy baked goods—to offset the newness feel of the building. It's family owned and run and it shows in the charm of what they've made of the place.

I liked the provincial slant to lots of the cakes on offer; you don’t bake these up by accident.

We tried homemade sausage rolls and gluten-free citrus cake both of which were delightful but not of the quality to etch into the memory. We dined on the tables situated under lazily hanging eucalyptus and shade sails, and I wonder how busy it’ll be when inclement weather hits.

Bc2The long black (Fiori beans) was poured well but more attention could have been paid to the temperature of the water used to stretch it out.

It looks like most of the customers would come from the retirement village across the road, Tafe and walk through traffic. It’s perfectly suited to the area. It’s not striving to be something it’s not, by form or function. It’s just adding a little more vibrancy to an area otherwise devoid of such excitement. Cute.

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