The Attic

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IMG 9005The antidevelopers who valiantly defended for Fremantle’s architectural intactness deserve Order of Australia medals.

Just compare Fremantle to the uninspiring atonal buildings of West Perth and you’ll see how much heritage was lost to oleaginously palmed property developers.

Thankfully we’re a little more sensitive to the destruction of our historical architecture—or of what’s left of it.

That’s why people flock to Fremantle emotionally arrested and, well, fall in love with it.

IMG 9018The Attic offers a glimpse of what we could have had more of.

Sweet, charming little coffee eatery place where you can pick a light meal and recoil in an airy loft.

IMG 9009The Attic’s iced chai latte is the best the south side of the river, but at $5 a pop you’d want to make sure it is.

They use soy by default so it attains a nutty complexity perfectly matching the heady mix of masala however with the glass groaning with ice, I’d wondered if I’d got my money’s worth.

We didn’t try any of the food that day as we were off to a concert post chai.

Freo in character, Freo in pricing.

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